Starting this January I will be raising money for a new workshop.

Currently all the ducks are made in our basement in a space about 16×12 ft.  The goal it to have a workshop built in the backyard 22×28.  There is not much room and I am unable to have anyone help me make these ducks in this area. The ceiling height is about an inch higher than my head as well as I usually hit my head a few times a week on low beam.  I will need about 40k, anything extra will be donated. 

My long term goal is to do this or 10 years and donate 1 million dollars to pay it forward.

Grant Request Letter

A new workshop will give me

  • Room to have dedicated stations to do the steps needed.
  • Room to grow.
  • Proper ventilation and air filtration.
  • Easier storage of wood (no more carrying supplies to the basement)
  • Increased production
  • Storage for supplied
  • Dedicated area to store ducks.

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