We got this!

These ducks are hand made by me with quality materials and pride, when sold at least 50% is donated to charity. The remaining funds are used to support this project. All duck’s have a “my” lifetime guarantee!

The original 2 ducks set are sold as a pair, the ducks stand 24″ and 16″ (excluding shaft), these ducks sell for $80 with $40 donated to “The Chemo Bag Project”

The new Matt Duck stands about 6″ tall, this duck sells for $25 with $16 donated to “Lucy’s Love Bus”

As of 1/1/23 – 72k donated to “The Chemo Bag Project
As of 1/1/23 – 16K donated to “Lucy’s Love Bus
Ducks For Cancer is a 501(c)(3) Charity
EIN : 87-4466779
Contact: 978-502-5304
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