How it continues…

Last Fall I ran into this gentleman at Apple Meadow Hardware and he told me about his wife and how she runs a Pink non-profit.  Later I was in touch with his wife and she explained her non-profit called “Pink Revolution”.  I expressed to her that I would like to do something to support her venture.  Time passes, about 6 months and some funny phone call and we had a plan.

Who is Pink Revolution...

We are an alliance of dedicated individuals banding together to support a better treatment experience for cancer patients (with all types of cancer) by providing chemo care packages and financial support.

You can buy here and they will be shipped USPS, will be in stores soon.

The new Pink ducks that retail for $80 (+$20 s/h). $40 donated to charity and remainder is used to keep this going

This is a pink baby duck sells for $25 (+$15 s/h). $16 is donated to charity and the rest is used to keep this going.

This is the full set of all 3 pink ducks, this package sells for $105 (+$25 s/h). $56 is donated to the respective charities (Pink Revolution and Lucy’s Love Bus.


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